Watercolor brushes - Use and Care Instructions

Using a high-quality watercolor brush can greatly enhance the quality of your artwork. Here are some instructions for using and caring for your Polina Bright watercolor brushes:

1. Wet your brush before use: Always wet your brush before dipping it into your watercolor paint. This helps to prevent the paint from sticking to the brush and allows for a more even application.

2. Use the right brush for the job: Different brushes are better suited for different techniques and applications. Experiment with different brush sizes and shapes to achieve the desired effect.

3. Clean your brush between colors: To prevent colors from mixing, be sure to clean your brush thoroughly between each color change. Rinse the brush with clean water and gently blot it on a paper towel to remove excess moisture.

4. After use: rinse your brushes thoroughly and reshape the bristles.

5. Dry your brushes properly: Never store your brushes while they are still wet. Instead, lay them flat on a paper towel or hang them upside down to dry. This helps to prevent water from accumulating in the ferrule (the part that holds the bristles) which can cause the brush to become damaged over time.

6. Store your brushes properly: Once dry, store your brushes upright in a jar or container with the bristles facing up. This helps to prevent the bristles from becoming bent or misshapen. You can also store them lying horizontally.

    Caring for your watercolor brushes.

    1. Avoid using harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals, such as solvents or ammonia, to clean your brushes. These can damage the bristles and weaken the glue that holds the brush together.

    2. Clean your brushes regularly: To prevent paint buildup and ensure your brushes last longer, clean them regularly with mild soap and warm water.

    3. Avoid excessive pressure: Avoid pressing down too hard on the bristles or bending them too far, as this can cause them to become misshapen and reduce their lifespan.

    4. Replace brushes as needed: Over time, even the highest-quality brushes will become worn and less effective. If your brush begins to lose its shape or its bristles become frayed, it may be time to replace it with a new one!

    By following these instructions for use and care, you can help to ensure that your Polina Bright watercolor brushes stay in good condition and provide you with beautiful results for years to come.